About GEM

We are a group that is committed towards producing superior quality appliances and white goods which provide the best value to the customer .To achieve this, we constantly strive to fulfill our customers’ expectations. In doing so, we cultivate long term relationships with our Stakeholders.

GEM, the popular brand of its time was associated with Kelvinator, has been acquired by Empire Home Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Which means, now all homes will have high quality, reliable and efficient appliances within their reach.

At GEM the motto is very simple , we will deliver what is desired by the customers.
Our strength is our ability to analyze the key expectations of consumers in terms of various facets which includes , but is not limited to product features , design and size which the in-house Research and Development team of GEM, comprised of skilled professionals with extensive experience , launches itself using their expertise to develop products that are desired by its customers.

When it comes to after-sale services, honoring warranties which include repairs and even replacements if required, our company always stands by the caliber and durability of its products because at the GEM delivering quality is of utmost importance.